Actionable network intelligence

The EvengX Platform 



EvengX offers a Security as a Service platform with lightweight Agents that detect, block, report and alert on network threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities. Administration, licensing, and updates are all handled through our cloud-based Configuration and Licensing Authority, making it simple to manage every aspect of a customer deployment. 


By leveraging session data from EvengX Agents at endpoints and at network ingress/egress, the EvengX Platform creates comprehensive insights into both the health and security of the broader ecosystem. Network intelligence is delivered in custom dashboards and reporting which clearly define areas of vulnerability and risk. EvengX integrates cleanly into most management, ticking and reporting infrastructures. 


Managed Service Provider partners benefit from the flexibility and scalability of our product design and licensing. Even small organizations can quickly identify and respond to malicious traffic, policy violations and other indicators of threat or compromise with the EvengX Platform.


  • Identify and respond to the traffic and network events that represents increased risk.
  • Leverage the platform to learn from trends across individual networks and your entire MSP customer base.
  • Tight integration with Ticketing, Alerting and SIEM solutions.



  • Actionable data guides network tuning and policy creation.
  • Centralized policy management for customers, groups and networks.
  • Ongoing executive reporting on the value and impact of the platform.
  • Cloud-based, distributed architecture designed for scale and strength.


  • Detect common network threats, attacks, and suspicious behaviors from applications and devices.
  • Protect network resources and block unexpected communication and known threats.
  • Assess the network to uncover rogue applications, map traffic sessions and trend network and security behaviors.